Our Mission


As we adapt to new challenges and accomplished achievements, our mission for this year is:

  • To produce an annual pride event that fosters a sense of community, encourages LGBTQ+ citizens to live openly and with pride, and educates the general public of our shared cultural heritage.
  • To encourage fellowship and support among participating businesses, professionals, individuals, and charitable pursuits in the LGBTQ+ and allied communities.
  • To oppose prejudice in society at large and within the LGBTQ+ and allied communities on the basis of sexual orientation and gender identity.
  • To foster communication, tolerance, and mutual support among LGBTQ+ persons and the allied communities.
  • To provide positive role models in the LGBTQ+ and allied communities.
  • To provide financial support to other LGBTQ+ oriented non-profit organizations in the local area through the making of grants made possible by the proceeds from each year’s event.