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  • Finance Director – Nate West

Position Descriptions


This position is tasked with managing all accounts payable and billable, ensuring that all transactions are recorded in QuickBooks and working with the Director of Finance/Treasurer on balancing our financial account. This individual must have prior accounting experience, ideally in the non-profit sector, and will need to be endorsed by prior employers/groups.

  • Accounting Manager – OPEN POSITION


Implement a variety of programs in which to raise funds through individual donations both online and at various events throughout the year. One area that will need managed is coordinating volunteers or groups to collect donations at festival entrances and throughout the event. Additionally there may be opportunities to identify and connect with prospective individuals who may be likely to donate throughout the year.

  • Donations Coordinator – OPEN POSITION


Research multiple vendors for various organizational and event needs, identify ideal solutions with regards to diversity, pricing, sustainability and other factors. Communicate directly with selected vendors to negotiate, develop contracts, fulfill orders and work with the Operations and other committees to record inventory. Ideal candidates will have an understanding of reading and writing legal contracts.

  • Procurement Specialist – OPEN POSITION


Manage the online registration process including initial setup of all ticketed events and registrations for vendors and parade participants. Assist with developing pricing strategies to ensure yearly budget goals are met. Work with the Advertising, Creative, and other Communications managers to oversee plans to promote around target dates. Generate monthly reports indicating progress and where marketing adjustments need to be made.

  • Registration Coordinator – OPEN POSITION


Individuals on this team are responsible for reaching out to past and prospective organizations, media, small businesses and corporations to encourage sponsorships (and in-kind donations on occasion) — the primary financial contributor to making the event possible. Will need to research and contact prospects as well as assist in the negotiation and contract writing process. During the event, individuals will also work with the SponsorWalk team to steward and handle sponsor organizations to ensure activations are running smoothly.

  • Sponsorship Manager – Chris Scocco

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