Position Descriptions


Assist in the producing of written content for ongoing projects as needed, including but not limited to email campaigns, social media posts, flyers/brochures and website copy. Must be able to help define the “voice” of Come Out With Pride and help ensure that everything is written with that branding in mind. Should have a solid grasp of the English language and be skilled in writing for various audiences; this team may also include bilingual individuals to help translate select content to Spanish and/or other languages.


Produce regular enticing and engaging emails informing our audiences of upcoming events, registration opportunities and other information. Generate copy and provide direction to the Creative team for graphic needs. Utilize MailChimp to plan, send and analyze campaigns. Develop strategies for increasing subscriber counts and reducing churn.


Work with members of local, regional and national media to share news and information about upcoming events. Develop a rapport with media contacts to improve chances of publication. Write and edit press releases throughout the year to keep Come Out With Pride in the news. From time to time appear on television or radio programs for interviews as a fully knowledgeable ambassador of the organization.


Create content that grows and regularly engages our social audiences through both informative updates and through sharing stories of interest to the LGBTQ+ community. Plan a social media editorial calendar around upcoming Facebook, Twitter and Instagram posts. Manager will oversee a team that proactively and reactively responds to individuals and other organizations. Work with the Creative team on graphic needs. Promote sponsors prior to events.


Handle the creation and editing of website content including copy, forms and graphics as well as managing technical aspects such as menus, rotating hero images and popup advertising modals. Work with the Creative and Photography teams for sourcing photos, videos and other graphics to display, as well as to ensure the website adheres to brand standards. Additional responsibilities may entail developing ideas for new features and/or platform/CMS/theme changes.